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Pakistani Christians arrested in a new wave of asylum crackdown in Thailand

Written by Christian Malik Several Pakistani Christians were arrested in a crackdown in a suburb of Bangkok after Police raided a residential block in morning hours on 23rd November 2016.  The arrests took place at  Samrong 64 during which 7 people including 3 children were taken form their liberty. Bilawal Nasir (19), Aymen Nasir (15) and Jennifer Nasir (10), Mr. and Mrs. Daniel and mother of three children Saloomi with her 3 children of which the oldest is 10 years old. The five children were released by the police later and custody was given to Mr. Yaqoob Ghori who is on bail and was able to negotiate with the police on behalf...

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Finally a modicum of justice as five men are convicted of murder of Pakistani Christian slave couple

Suleman, Sonia and Poonam [children of Shama and Shahzad] receive Childrens' Bible from Leighton Medley and Mehwish Bhatti of the BPCA at a revival meeting in Kasur on 19th November 2016. The brutal murder of Shahzad and Shama Bibi in Pakistan shocked the world making international headlines. These two illiterate Christians had been accused of disposing of a Quran in their regular rubbish.  Desecration of the Quran is an act that in Pakistan is deemed a blasphemy and foments instant frenzied attacks on the innocent people accused. For this couple it meant being burned alive by a Muslim mob and a whole community had to flee the attack of incensed M...

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Revival ministry in Pakistan reveals church corruption - A child's song provides a glimmer of hope.

Image of Leighton Medley preaching at memorial service for Shama and ShahzadBy Brother Leighton Medley What can I say, ministry is tough and here in Pakistan you see the good, the bad and the ugly. Although the Lord has graciously inspired me in my preaching, I feel that most people have never heard an expository sermon before and have no idea of good biblical doctrine. Last week I began a worldview class, which went surprisingly well, the young people seemed to take to it, as I tried to show using the bible, the doctrine of creation, plus just giving an overview of other worldviews at variance with ours. My second class is on Friday, where we will...

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Oxford Academics learn about Pakistani Christian Persecution

Chairman of the British Pakistani Christian Association Wilson Chowdhry was invited to speak to students and academics at Oxford University's famous Wycliffe Hall.   The meeting was organised by the student group 'Spectrum' which is led by theology students at the ancient educational establishment.  The aim of the group is to 'have graceful conversations, to love, serve and seek the truth.' Mr Chowdhry presented a copy of BPCA's latest publication to the Faculty Principal Revd Dr Michael Lloyd.  BPCA have been informed the publication will be placed in the faculty library and made available to others.  ...

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Still no convictions for any of the Muslims involved in burning alive of Christian couple in Pakistan two years ago.

Today the British Pakistani Christian Association (BPCA) spoke out again on the ongoing lack of justice for the Christian couple, Shama (killed at 24 years whilst 5 months pregnant) and Shahzad (killed at 26 years), who were beaten and burned alive two years ago in rural Pakistan. BPCA chairman Mr Wilson Choudhry said ‘Despite the arrest of over 100 individuals, out of what witness said was a much larger mob, things so far have panned out as we predicted. We said that despite government spin that they had taken over the investigation to ensure quick justice and giving the impression it was also to stop local courts being overwhelmed by threats and intimidation...

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Draft Letter to UK MPs calling for review of visa refusal for two Christians denied opprtunity to attend a church twinning conference in the UK

Representatives from Glasgow Presbytery received a warm welcome when they visited a twinned congregation in Hyderabad. Pictured at front with hosts from Hyderabad are (from left): Rev Fiona Gardner, minister at Temple Anniesland Church; Bill Gray, Presbytery world mission convener; Rev Tom Pollock, Presbytery moderator 2015-16; and Very Rev Bill Hewitt, Presbytery clerk. I am writing to you about the gravely concerning issue of the Home Office refusal to allow two Pakistani Christian church delegates into the UK on a dialogue and twinning programme with the Church of Scotland. The Church of Scotland has a long standing programme of engagement wit...

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Two Pakistani Christians refused entry to UK to attend Church Conference for being too poor.

Representatives from Glasgow Presbytery received a warm welcome when they visited a twinned congregation in Hyderabad. Pictured at front with hosts from Hyderabad are (from left): Rev Fiona Gardner, minister at Temple Anniesland Church; Bill Gray, Presbytery world mission convener; Rev Tom Pollock, Presbytery moderator 2015-16; and Very Rev Bill Hewitt, Presbytery clerk.  Today the British Pakistani Christian Association (BPCA) added its voice and efforts to the chorus of Christians and churches who have condemned a Home Office decision to refuse Pakistani Christian clerics visas to visit their twin church in Scotland. The Church of Scotland has a long establ...

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Developing the future church of Pakistan

British Pakistani Christian Association as a group has always had a desire to tackle the flawed theology taught in Pakistan. Our supported Missionary is Pastor Leighton Medley (known affectionately as Brother Leighton) who next year we hope to support for two years with your help. He is out in Pakistan for a series of revival meetings, some funded by the BPCA and some through a local Pakistani group. BPCA also took Brother Leighton to the memorial service commemorating the lives of Shama and Shahzad who were brutally murdered after a false blasphemy charge in 2014.  Brother Leighton would like to return for two years next year as he has started a P...

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Armed police help 'persecuted' Christian family flee their Bradford home.

Image of Kubra wife of Nissar Hussain being guarded whilst entering her former home by armed police officer. Yesterday, news cameras caught the end result of an 8 year old campaign of religious hatred against a Christian convert and his family, Nissar Hussain with multiple car loads of armed police escorting him and his family to pack up the last belongings from their home and leave Bradford for good, such is the level of hatred and credible death threats against the family. The case has raised serious concerns about the level of hatred against converts from Islam in this country, reflecting an age old and worldwide phenomenon. The Hussain family h...

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UK convert from Islam to Christianity forced to flee his home after Police warn of serious threats to his life.

One month ago the long-running saga of Islamic persecution to UK-based convert to Christianity Nissar Hussain reached its lowest ebb. A visit by CID officers to the Hussain home left the family terrified and confused. The officer’s gave the family a stark warning of an imminent threat to Mr Hussain’s life. The level of threat was so serious the family were provided with a phantom police car parked outside the home to thwart an attack. Despite the extreme anxiety the family felt the police informed them that they did not have the resources to provide 24 hour protection to the family and offered a temporary shelter.  In no uncertain terms they insisted Nissar...

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