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Dying asylum seeker receives treatment after international petition highlights his plight!

Image of Wilson Chowdhry gifting our BPCA report to Peter Trotter (Senior Protection Officer at Thai UNHCR) A few weeks ago we were contacted by the wife of a Mr Noshad Young complaining that here husband had been re-arrested on 26th May 2016 and detained in Thailand's Immigration Detention Centre despite having existing ratified bail papers. Apparently Noshad had been released on bail from 5th August 2015 for an earlier period of detention after paying a fine of £1000.  The earlier period of detention had begun when he was arrested 15th July 2015.  His son was later arrested on 21st October 2015.   Victoria the wife of...

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Christian girl (14 years) abducted - her father shot dead for trying to free her!

A 14 year old child joins that ever increasing list of Christian girls to have been abducted, raped and forced into Islamic Marriage. After the father sold his house so he could pay the legal costs for her freedom, he was shot dead by gunmen paid by the kidnappers. Mehwish was hired as a domestic servant at the house of Zahid Iqbal (20 years) at Shadab Colony in Faisalabad on a part time basis, she and her mother were both cleaning several homes. Mehiwish has been going to school until eighth grade but when the family could no longer afford to pay the school fees they entered her into domestic servitude. Image of Mehwish Please sign our petition (click here) On th...

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Deteriorating health of detained Pak-Christian asylum seeker in Bangkok creates international concern

Alarmed by the rapidly deteriorating health of a asylum detainee in Thailand's notorious Immigration Detention Centre (IDC) in Bangkok, American and British charities are collaborating to ensure the release of the innocent victim.   Image of Noshad Young British Pakistani Christian Association (BPCA) and Responsible for Equality And Liberty (REAL) this morning received a communication from the beleaguered  Pakistan Christian refugee community in Thailand, naming Noshad Young a seriously ill detainees in the Bangkok Immigration Detention Center, who needs urgent hospital treatment.  ...

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Christian man alleges his arms were chopped off for not converting to Islam

On June 24th Aqueel Masih a resident of Lahore LDA quarters was taken to hospital after his arms had been lopped off his body, he was unconscious on arrival at the hospital.   On July 12th alongside a local Christian elder Sam Bhatti a member of the Minorities Advisory Council of Punjab, Aqueel Masih registered a complaint at Ghalib Market Police Station, that three men had hacked of his arms with axes.  Please sign and share our petition (click here) The report describes how Mr Masih who had been working at a petrol pump for over 4 years where he refuelled vehicles and conducted vehicle servicing and minor repairs, was ...

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Christian man accused of messaging a blasphemous poem on Whats app- whole Christian community flees for safety!

Image of Samina wife of Arif Masih the only Christian villagers left in Father Colony.   A Christian man has been accused of a blasphemy over a poem that was sent to a Muslim friend by Whats app. Police are now on a nationwide manhunt for Nadeem James Masih (35 years) who is the father of 2 children. The penalty is death for blasphemers in Pakistan where a hard-line form of Islam is espoused. Nadeem James who is from the Father Colony of Sara-e Alamghir, in the district of Jhelum had an argument with a Muslim friend Yasir Bashir on 4th July.  A few days later as the dispute simmered on he was accused by Mr Bashir of sending a bla...

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Charges dropped from UK apostate targeted in premeditated attempt to discredit his reported hate abuse.

Finally progress as Wilson Chowdhry Chairman of the BPCA and Nissar Hussain attend Home Office HQ to meet with Karen Bradley Under Secretary of State for the Home Office. Several weeks ago, the British Pakistani Christian Association (BPCA) received letters concerning the case of Nissar Hussain from Karen Bradley MP, the Home Office Minster for Preventing Abuse, Exploitation and Crime. The chairman of the BPCA, Wilson Chowdhry and Nissar Hussain met with Karen Bradley to discuss the situation of converts, and Nissar told her about his 16 years of persecution in Bradford for converting to Christianity from Islam. A case was put forward for apostasy h...

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BPCA Lawyer successfully wins with petition for investigation into police corruption!

BPCA officer Kanwal Amar pays fee for Advocate Rana Hafeez BPCA funded lawyer Rana Hafeez has succeeded in winning an investigation into Faisalabad police corruption, after 42 innocent Christians including women and children were arrested and detained under trumped up terrorism charges. Frightened women and children behind bars.  On  29th June 2016 Lahore High Court ordered registration of an FIR against Station House Officer (SHO) Waheed Shahid, of Gulberg Police Station and several other police officers under his supervision. The officers are to be investigated for exhibited unnecessary and unwarranted violence ag...

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Innocent Christian woman jailed for alleged elopement of her brother with Muslim woman in Pakistan, has been set free!

An innocent Christian woman caught up in the aftermath of the elopement of her brother with a Muslim woman, has today been set free from prison in Pakistan. On the 22nd of June a horde of local Muslims threatened to lynch 13 Christians from the same family and burn down the local Christian enclave at Haji Park, Taj Pura, after it had been discovered a Christian man eloped with a married Muslim woman. Shagufta Inayat (31 years), had been arrested and incarcerated at the Shad Bagh Police station, for her alleged involvement in the elopement of a Muslim woman named Sehar with her brother Badal [also known as Bahadur a name used by most media groups]. Sehar, was already ...

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