Our vision is to create a network of Pakistanis united in Christ, focused on better quality of life, fellowship and religious freedom for Christians in Pakistan and the UK.


Asia Bibi Supreme Court Appeal date set for second week in October - Pakistani Christians pray for her freedom and their safety!

Pakistani Christians have expressed great joy and fear after receiving news that Asia Bibi, Pakistan's most famous blasphemy law victim, will finally have her long awaited Supreme Court appeal hearing during the second week of October. The Chief Justice of Pakistan ordered the Supreme court to fix a date in October yesterday, BPCA were advised by Asia's solicitor.        Asia Bibi was brutally beaten after drinking water from a well that was specifically for the use of Muslims in highly discriminatory Pakistan. After she offered water from the same well to Muslim co-workers they started to beat Asia, whilst cursing her and her f...

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Muslims target Christians for violence after minor vehicle accident

A Christian man lost his donkey and while searching for it on motorcycle accidentally ran over the foot of a young Muslim man.  In the UK the most that would have happened is a small skirmish between the rider of the motorcycle and the injured party, however in Pakistan road rage turned into a small siege of an innocent and extremely vulnerable Christian community. On the 19th August 2016, in Khushal Town in Faisalabad (predominantly Christian enclave) Adnan  Masih (24 years) discovered his donkey was missing at around 5pm.  His donkey provided a necessary function for his business so he was very distraught. He and a friend decided t...

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Anjem Choudhry convicted but is the UK prepared for a backlash.

British Pakistani Christian Association (BPCA) Chairman Wilson Chowdhry reacted to the conviction of radical Islamic Anjem Choudary earlier this week on charges of inciting to terrorism and supporting ISIS, saying: ‘It has taken too long, but it is a great day for anyone who is concerned with the rise of radical Islamicism in the UK. I hope that he and his fellow defendants are given the maximum allowable sentence. We understand that the only way the police were able to do this was using undercover operations and one particular obscure law, because Choudary used his solicitor’s training to stay just within the letter of the law whilst violating its spi...

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Emergency Appeal to help release desperate Pakistani Christian Asylum seekers in Thailand

British Pakistani Christian Association have been challenging the immigration authorities in Thailand over the incarceration of two vulnerable victims in the infamously brutal Immigration Detention Centres in Bangkok. We have had some success and the Immigration Depertment have agreed to free tow victims who desperately need our help. The first victim is NargisMaqsood who is 50 years old. Nargis was arrested on 10th September 2015 and has been detained away from husband and three children for almost a year. Fortunately for Nargis her youngest son is 14 years old and we have pressed on Thai Immigration to free her on the basis of his vulnerability an...

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BPCA's help sought in Children's Commissioner Appeal

Wilson and Chris Rogers during filming of documentary "Thailand's Asylum Crackdown" (click here to view) The Children's commissioner is appealing to all children in the UK to answer 10 questions that reveal an insight into their childhood on a typical day on video, and send it in. The video diaries will form the largest data bank ever of childhood in the UK and will show the world what it is like to be a child in 2016. Backed by the UN, the BBC, First News, Facebook and Twitter this will be a huge project and will  be presented to the government by the Children's commissioner. They have asked us to seek a refugee child, or so...

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Pakistani Christians shared condolences for victims of Quetta bomb attack with High Commissioner of Pakistan during Independence Day Celebration

The 14th of August is a special date in the minds of all Pakistanis wherever they may reside.  It is as important to the widespread diaspora as those who live in the homeland.  The date is of course the anniversary of Pakistan's independence and in 2016 Pakistan celebrated its 69th year as a dominion.  This year Wilson Chowdhry, Chairman of the British Pakistani Christian Association, was invited to attend a flag hoisting ceremony and celebration at the Pakistani High Commission in London.  The event was a chance to share in the joy of the creation of the Pakistani state, through a campaign born from the musings of Muhammad ...

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Six bomb blasts in Thailand kill one and injure dozens - Pakistani Christian asylum seeker and budding model speaks of her anxiety over unfair reprisals for her community

Six Bomb blasts in Thailand resorts over the last 24 hours have killed three victims and injured dozens more.  Reports state that incendiary devices were placed in plant pots roughly 150 feet apart in Hua Hin a seaside resort and were exploded at around 11pm at night on Thursday, just as local and international revelers were celebrating the forthcoming birthday of Queen Sirikit. This bomb killed a street food vendor immediately and a further dozen innocent bystanders including 7 tourists. At 8am (local time) today, another bomb exploded in the province of Surat Thani, outside the local Marine police station killing one person and injuring...

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BPCA Trustee tours Pakistan to comfort victims and sow seeds of hope.

During the month of July Juliet Chowdhry a trustee of the BPCA travelled to Pakistan for the final purchase of our land in Kasur.   We can confirm that documents have now been signed with the local Petwari (land registrar) and that the sale was completed.  An architect has now been selected and he is in the process of finalizing plans and drawings for our proposed school for enslaved children. This visit was only the third time that Juliet had visited Pakistan, since her husband Wilson Chowdhry was brutally beaten by a security team at the Pakistani High Commissionin the United Kingdom.  Mr Chowdhry was later told that he was beaten and banned fro...

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Pakistani Embassy offers help to Pakistani Christian asylum seekers

Over the last 14 days BPCA Chairman has been working to improve the lives of innocent Pak-Christian Asylum seekers in Thailand and Malaysia. During arduous long shifts Mr Chowdhry visited a total of 8 churches, met with a total of 16 Pastors and over 400 hundred asylum seekers.  His purpose was to elucidate what asylum seekers wanted most in both countries and to plead concessions from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), the respective Pakistani Embassies and to start dialogue with the Malaysian and Royal Thai governments. Taking a team of 4 volunteers from Australia, Mr Chowdhry also set out to meet Pakistani Christians armed with survey q...

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Carnage in Quetta after bomb attack kills 70 people and injures 120 victims. Christians leaders condemn the attack and call for stronger action against terrorists!

A suicide bomb attack at a hospital in Quetta has killed at least 70 people in South West Pakistan. Officials have also stated that a further 120 were injured in one of Pakistan’s most deadly terrorist attacks. The attack took place near the entrance to the hospitals emergency department where the body of a prominent lawyer Bilal Anwar Kasi who was killed in a gun attack only hours earlier, was being brought out. Mourners had gathered to pay respects to their colleague and friend, many of them were from the legal fraternity of Quetta and wider Pakistan. A faction of the Pakistani Taliban named Jamaat-ul-Ahrar has already declared respons...

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