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Blasphemy accused Pakistani Christian woman's plight triggers demonstration in Australia

The plight of a Pakistani Christian mother of five who has been jailed for seven years under the notorious blasphemy laws of Pakistan, has led to a demonstration in Sydney Australia. The demonstration coincides with the start of a Supreme court appeal against the blasphemy charge laid against her. FREE Asia Bibi and ANTI SHARIA LAW RALLY SATURDAY 8th OCTOBER 2106 The rally will Start at 11am on the steps of the Parliament House of NSW 6 Macquarie St Sydney. A petition will be presented to the Pakistani Consulate at 109 Pitt St Sydney at 12.30 pm - a short walk from Parliament house. We ask Australians to Step Up and involve themselves...

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Hungary opens borders to ignored Christian asylum seekers!

Christian refugees are treated with at best indifference in much of the so-called ‘Christian’ west, and sometimes actively discriminated against, but Hungary’s government has set up a ministry solely devoted to the welfare of persecuted Christians, particularly in the Middle East and Europe, with an initial budget of $3.35 million. Whilst its parameters are still being fixed, its main focus is said to be humanitarian. There are hints that it may include Pakistan in its definition of ‘Middle East’ as a notice at the Hungarian embassy in Bangkok, Thailand, asks for asylum seekers to provide their personal details, and await to hear back. A very significan...

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Pakistan must stop the farce of blasphemy charges against 16 year old Christian blasphemy victim Nabeel Masih or face international condemnation of their poor human rights record.

Imagine. Imagine that someone posts something, a photo-shopped offensive image, on Facebook and it appears on your feed. Imagine someone else takes your phone and goes through your Facebook feed and sees it, or, who knows, maybe they actually posted it as if it came from you, or pressed like themselves from your phone, and for that you face death by hanging – or your family and you being lynched by a mob. Imagine you are arrested and charged and your family have to flee for their lives into hiding. Imagine that you are pressured to admit to your ‘crime’. You refuse. The police go and delete that message that appeared on your feed because it was deemed s...

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Christian teacher's campaign against hate preaching in school leads to demand that he converts to Islam or dies!

A Christian teacher was given a choice to convert to Islam or die after he infuriated Muslim teachers with his campaign to stop their hate preaching. Musa Atique (43 years) was employed at Govt high school no.1, Kot Radaha Kishan which is in the district of Kasur. There he taught as a primary school teacher for over seven years.  Subjects he taught were English,Urdu,Social studies, and Islamiat a subject that is compulsory. In recent weeks the government of Pakistan has proposed changes to the school syllabus, which now requires compulsory learning of the Quran and Islamic prayers.  However some of the zealot teachers in the...

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Facebook allegation leads to Blasphemy charge against 16 year old Christian boy in Pakistan

Image above is of Naveed Aziz with Dr.Nazeer Gill a local Pastor who is praying for peace to resume in the area. A Christian boy of only 16 is the latest victim of the draconian blasphemy laws in Pakistan. Nabeel Masih a resident of Chak 66, Bhai Pheru, District Kasur in Punjab Province, has been accused of posting blasphemous images on his Facebook profile (social media). Image of Nabeel A Christian boy of only 16 is the latest victim of the draconian blasphemy laws in Pakistan. Nabeel Masih a resident of Chak 66, Bhai Pheru, District Kasur in Punjab Province, has been accused of posting blasphemous images on his Facebook profil...

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Christian family enslaved after borrowing money for eldest daughter's marriage set free!

Razzak Masih working at a brick kiln. Razzak Masih (48 years) and his family have been working as Christian slaves in brick kilns for the last 5 years. They inadvertently contracted themselves into a slave worker arrangement, when they had to borrow 50,000 rupees (£361.30) to pay for the marriage of their eldest daughter Rukhsana.  A friend suggested they take a loan from a local man who was a landlord of some fields, what they had not realized at the time was the extent of the interest they would have to pay.  Apparently straight after signing the contract their 50,000 rupee loan had become a debt of 150,000 rupees an...

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Drunk Muslims had the audacity to beat Christians they accused of being ritually impure?

In a bizarre display of religious discrimination a band of drunken Muslims beat seven innocent Christians in their homes during their revelry.   The attack happened in the town of Samundri in Faisalabad 16th September 2016. Apparently a small group of  Muslim men had been out drinking and had become extremely boisterous and loud in their drunken stupour.  One of the women from a Christian home reacted to the noise and asked the men to move somewhere else as they were disturbing the peace.   The Muslim men however took offence from the audacity of 'ritually impure' Christians making demands on them.  They were so incens...

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Faisalabad: Christian teenager murdered after being sodomized!

A 14-year-old Christian boy was murdered and his dead body was left hanging in a tree in a place called Gosh Nagar, Faisalabad. Tree where body of Zeeshan was found hanging. Zeeshan Masih had been visiting his uncle’s cattle farm at Shreejan Wala Dhera and gone out to buy a soft drink on the 23rd of August 2016, but never returned home. He was later found hanging dead from the branch of tree only a short distance from where his uncle’s buffaloes would go out to graze. Despite medical evidence that Zeeshan had been sexually molested and some witnesses implicating two unknown Muslim men, local Police initially registered Zeeshan’s death as natural and no...

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Pakistani Christian asylum seekers are being targeted by the UNHCR through 'disturbing' policy change

A process change by the UNHCR based in Bangkok that seems to deliberately target Pakistani Christians who make up the largest body of asylum seekers in Thailand, has caused alarm and consternation amongst the advocacy and humanitarian groups providing aid to them. The policy has been described as ‘disturbing’ by an on the ground campaigner , who has also stated that the change in policy ‘disproportionately affects Pakistani Christians, since they are the largest refugee population here in Bangkok, and are more likely than most refugees to have their application for refugee status rejected.’ The new policy has drastically reduced the time that asylum seekers have ...

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Pakistani Christian: ‘Life is Unbearable as an Asylum Seeker in Thailand’

This  interview was facilitated by the British Pakistani Christian Association, and was written by Donna Edmunds for the publication Breitbart.  It has been reproduced with full with permission. The victim and her family are part supported by the BPCA however Kathriya is also earning a very small living as a model. Kathriya Louis is gazing out of the window of the second floor condo she shares with her family in Thailand when a military vehicle pulls up. Pausing only to take a quick picture on her cell phone, she quickly withdraws inside, and the family sit in silence, hoping not to be the latest detainees shipped to Thailand’s immigrati...

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