Our vision is to create a network of Pakistanis united in Christ, focused on better quality of life, fellowship and religious freedom for Christians in Pakistan and the UK.


Fewer food programmes are placing a burden on BACA who continue to feed Homeless people despite COVID-19

A reduction in the number of groups providing food for the homeless in Ilford has meant that some of them go a day or more without food. Local groups have shut their premises and stop serving for a number of reasons, including fears of being infected and the loss of volunteers who are self-isolating.  One local group has been waiting for clearer government guidance and after a conversation with BACA, may be collaborating with us on a feeding project every Sunday.  Our ability to adapt to the new guidelines is proving to be very beneficial locally.   To be compliant with existing government guidelines, BACA has had to transform t...

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BACA launches appeal to counter fears of starvation for Pak-Christian asylum seekers in Thailand

Pak-Christian asylum seekers in Thailand are close to starvation due to a Government lockdown imposed in Bangkok since the 18th of March 2020.    So far (26th March) the number of those infected by COVID-19 has reached 1045 cases of which 6 deaths have occurred and 7 people have recovered.  All the recreational places, mall, schools and offices are closed and will not be reopened till 12th April.  Thailand’s Ministry of Public health explained today that the sharp rise in confirmed Covid-19 coronavirus cases reported in recent days is due to new testing standards. Men in Thailand are more likely to be infected at a ratio of 2:1 and ...

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Christian boys Raped by Muslim Motorbike Gang

Two Christian 12 year-old boys were snatched by a gang of Muslim men on motorbikes and raped. Suneel Naeem and his friend Harry Boota were playing video games along with Harry’s brother Yash when four men on motorbikes took the three Christian boys to a remote location for 30 minutes, where they were stripped and raped. The incident happened at 9.30pm on the 1st March when Suneel (12 yrs) met up with his friends Harry (12 yrs) and Yash (14 yrs) to play video games at a local games arcade and were approached by the gang after 30 minutes. The alarm was raised by Suneel’s parents who called the parents of Harry and Yash when he failed to return home, as it was unusual for...

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Beleaguered self-isolating Pak-Christians from poorest communities given food to last fortnight

After Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan introduced a country-wide lockdown on 22nd March, to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.  We predicted that thousands of Christians would die form either starvation, depression or the virus itself (click here).  We immediately set about travelling to poverty-stricken Christian communities across Pakistan to provide food supplies and prayers.  Here are accounts from 8 of the families we have helped so far: British Asian Christian visited the community of Momin Pura a rural area near Wagha Border Lahore to distribute food supplies to cover the next two weeks.  Our aid was in response to families who h...

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London must brace itself for potential food shortages while devious local council parking regimes add to stress of economic downturn

Image taken from a Tesco Metro Store last night British Asian Christian Association is warning the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan and Prime Minister Boris Johnson, that something must be done to brace an unnecessary food crises. Today an email has been sent to both calling for improved measures to calm the disastrous panic-buying of recent weeks that threatens our economy. The recent panic-buying across the country has now dissipated to some extent, with queues in shops noticeably smaller. However a lack of workers in distribution factories has meant that their is still limited stocks for many food and sanitary essentials in st...

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Christian servant beaten by Muslim for daring to quit job

A young Christian servant was beaten to near death after he refused to continue work for a wealthy Muslim who was paying below what was agreed between them and forcing him to clean toilets which was not part of the original job description. Shaan Masih (21) a resident of chak number 15/125L district Mian Chanu worked for Chowdhry Kashif Nadeem in a role that had previously been undertaken by his father and grandparents, who had all been servants to the same family. When Shaan's father died he was working elsewhere as a farmhand and refused to work for the local landlord as he knew he being paid regularly and had a greater salary in his rol...

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Fears that high COVID-19 infection rates in Pakistan will kill thousands of Christians raised by charity

Pakistan has only had relatively few infections of Coronavirus but even then the Government has begun a lockdown in provinces most affected. The number of Coronavirus infections in Pakistan rose to 646 after the country reported 160 new cases over the last 24 hours.  Pakistan has registered its 4th death from COVID-19 today which is the third from the province of Khyber Pakhtunkwa (KPK).  Provincial governments have announced the closure of public spaces, educational institutions, public transports, market, malls and playgrounds for at least three weeks, while section 144 has been imposed and strict action is being taken against those who are stocking up fa...

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Supermarket queues will soon make it impossible to feed homeless say's local charity

A Redbridge-based charity has called for changes to the local shopping regime to enable charities essential NHS and other emergency staff to get their essential shopping done to maximise their efficiency at work. British Asian Christian Association has warned that to feed the regular homeless visitors that attend their centre in Ilford has become nigh on impossible due to exaggerated shopping queues and panic buying, that leave them having to visit at least 6 stores to provide their services legally.  Yesterday at Costco Walthamstow a sign that was up before shoppers began at 9.30 warned that over 10 items had been sold out within their s...

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Social-distancing and good hygiene practice allows BACA to feed homeless and help vulnerable people forced to self-isolate

Thursday (19th March) saw the strangest but most necessary development since we began our 'Meals for the Homeless' project in Ilford. For months we have been trying to provide a safe atmosphere for London's homeless to meet, share fellowship and enjoy a hearty meal.   However, this week we planned to take the service out into the open to ensure our practice was 'COVID-19 compliant'.  Social-distancing has become a buzzword commonly used to describe the introduction of a new temporary culture in global society, no longer to the British shake hands or the French and Italian kiss cheeks to welcome one another.  Instead we see young...

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BACA COVID-19 community volunteer group helps patient on kidney dialysis requiring immediate self-isolation

Yesterday BACA began to share details of their COVID-19 community volunteer group for Ilford and Chigwell, for which we have partnered with various groups including All Saint's Church (Chigwell), East Ilford Betterment Partnership and Chigwell Row Residents Association.  Today after a call to our office from a man known to BACA we were able to provide our first community needs response.  Joel Kyari who lives not too far from our offices and was aware of our foodbank, asked if there was any food available for him.  Joel has been a local resident for some years and due to poor kidney health had a kidney removal operation last week...

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