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Hundreds of Pakistani Christians flock to Protest and Asia Bibi re-enactment outside UK Pakistan Embassy.


Hundreds of protesters met outside the UK Pakistan High Commission on  Saturday 26th of October 2014, calling for freedom for Asia Bibi.

This was the second of two London protests, the first was held at 10 Downing Street on Saturday 18th October after the now famous Pakistani Christian woman Asia Bibi - a mother of five children - was refused her appeal for freedom at Lahore High Court.    Asia Bibi who has now been incarcerated for over five years will now have to appeal to the Supreme Court within thirty days of this latest refusal, her final access to freedom through the legal system, of Pakistan.

The protest was organised by the British Pakistani Christian Association and was partnered by International Christian Council.  An attendance of over 150 people was made possible by a ground-breaking collaboration with several Christian groups.

International outrage at this innocent woman's condition led to Catholic Band Ooberfuse recording a Free Asia Bibi song, which was sung live at the protest.  The original video has already received much acclaim and over 105,000 YouTube views (click here).  The band have re-mixed the track and invite people to download the new song for free which includes a video with all the lyrics (click here)

Band leader Cherrie from Ooberfuse, said;

"We hope this more modern catchy tune will gather in a younger generation of supporters for her freedom.  We want people to join together and sing for her freedom as one voice."

Pakistani Christians were joined by a multitude of leaders from other faiths, all calling for Freedom for Asia Bibi.

Nazi Holocaust Survivor an d former medical student at Peshawar University Dr Martin Stern said;

"I come not as a Pakistani or a Christian, but as a man concerned about the fate of an innocent woman, in the hands of extremists.

Muslim Barrister and former European Spokesperson for the Pakistani Ministry of Human Rights, Rubab Mehdi Rizvi said;

"Justice system needs a complete overhaul. Its appalling that there hasn't been a single conviction relating to 70,000 Pakistanis killed at the hands of terrorists...but a death sentence has been handed down to a mother."

Alan Craig former leader of the Christian Peoples Alliance, spoke towards the Pakistan High Commission and said;

"We will not stop protesting until this innocent woman is set free.  The blasphemy laws are a tool for discrimination and settling personal vendettas.  They must be stopped for equality to develop in Pakistan."

A British National Champion in Lyrical, Modern and Acro-Dancing Latasha Sinclair, a Catholic Christian performed a symbolic and moving dance, expressing Asia's plight. The dance moved many spectators to tears, as vehicles stopped to observe her emotional performance.

Latasha herself, was so moved by the story of Asia's attack (which was triggered by Asia drinking form a shared well and offering water from the same cup to Mulsim co-workers, on the field where she was employed to pick berries), that she broke down in tears at the end of her performance.  The performance involved her offering water to women, being pushed away acrimoniously, being beaten and calling for help, she then banged on the doors of the Pakistan Embassy for help, much like Asia looked to the Pakistani authorities for help but was left on her own.  The performance was filmed by Web TV and we will soon upload footage for our viewers.

Latasha Sinclair, said;

"I hope British People can watch my dance and see the pain the Asia went through.  I am a white Catholic girl but feel a bond with Asia because of my faith and gender and the fact that I know this world can be very harsh. If my dance helps create empathy and support for Asia it will have served it's purpose."

The protest ended with Dr Martin Stern, Ooberfuse, Taskeen Khan from Glory Tv, Christian Voice and Latasha Sinclair among others,  delivering a petition to the Pakistani High Commission.

Later Taskeen Khan from Glory TV and his partner joined Wilson Chowdhry and Latasha Sinclair at 10 Downing Street to hand a copy of the petition to Rt Honourable David Cameron, Prime Minister for Britain.

Taskeen Khan said;

"This was a day for unity and solidarity for Pakistani Christians, we are all disgraced by her ill-treatment, she is our sister.  Asia Bibi has been incarcerated in a dingy Pakistani cell, simply for offering kindness to Muslim co-workers. She must be set free!"

Wilson Chowdhry, Chairman of the BPCA, said; 

"Pakistan has breached International Human Rights Conventions in restricting the freedom and liberty of Asia Bibi on religious grounds.  Their legal system in making a poor judgement both in district and high court ruling, has been show to be unfit for purpose.  That many justify poor decision making by claiming religious extremism prevents justice, illustrates a lack of understanding of democracy and equality.  Quite simply the atmosphere in Pakistan has been made to be increasingly intolerant through poor Governance and the BPCA calls for more effective international intervention."

The British Pakistani Christian Association are planning more protests in the coming weeks and are calling for people of good conscience to sign their petition, which already has in excess of 7000 signatures (click here).  The BPCA will be sharing regular updates on Asia Bibi which can be found on their website (click here)

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